​The CORE Group Voted Top Workplace Again

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Great places to work are places where employees feel valued and trusted. They have a culture of high performance and execute and through this employees find meaning in the work they do. Gourmet chefs, doggy day care and nap rooms are nice but great workplaces are more than just perks, they are centered on day-to-day interactions and through building relationships and a high-trust environment. The Founder of Top Workplaces agrees and describes their winners as companies that establish and operate by a strong set of values, create strong connections between employees and are top performers in terms of execution and efficiency.  Those same companies also have sustainable results.

As one of the Top Workplaces for the third year in a row, The CORE Group understands this dynamic. Co-Founder, Jill Dressel states, “If you value people, their work and all that they bring to a company, those same people are going to bring value, do great work and make the company what it is.” In support of this vision, the company recently opted to provide unlimited PTO. Recognizing that everyone is not only a worker, but a parent, spouse, son/daughter etc. who has obligations beyond their work life, employees are entrusted to set their own schedules and more easily navigate competing obligations. Tim Tempel, President adds, “Relationships and building trust matters and I feel like we have created a culture that is open, honest and family oriented.  We care, we want everyone to succeed and I truly believe people enjoy working here.”

The CORE Group’s employees agree.  

Top Workplaces surveyed more than 90% of the company’s employees on various measures such as the culture, values, ethics, execution, how employees connect with managers and others, compensation, how much the company invests in its employees, trust etc. Results were compiled, comments analyzed and the end results compared to a National Benchmark.    Consistently the CORE Group’s people commented on how refreshing, open, trusting and family oriented the culture was. Rob Arago believes that the CORE Group, “provides opportunities for everyone to have a personal stake in the company and be part of the team. They trust us, value the work we do and this culture fosters personal pride in our work, which is rewarding because we can see the end result, which is ultimately happy clients and repeat work.” Ashlin Braddock and Daphne Yeung both echo similar feelings. “The people are the biggest factor.  We all work together in a family-oriented environment to give the best we can to our clients”, states Ashlin and Daphne adds that, “the CORE Group creates a workplace that is more than just about employees and co-workers, but that it is more personal and family-oriented.  This personal connection extends to our clients and allows us to communicate more efficiently, openly and honestly and this is much different than I have experienced anywhere else.” 

To succeed, it’s not enough to be good. You have to be healthy. It is as true for individuals as it is for companies. People want to work at a company that is organizationally healthy and through the establishment of a culture that has at its core a strong value and sense of trust for all of their employees and all that they work with, The CORE Group has differentiated itself.  Not only do they provide a place that people want to work, but those same people enjoy that work and that work is reaping results. The recognition by Top Workplaces is one sign that The CORE Group is doing something right, is high functioning and fit. Their success in the marketplace is another. 2015 was their most successful year yet and 2016 is shaping up to surpass that. Tempel however notes that “though this success and validation is great and an honor, none of this would be possible without the great people we have working at The CORE Group. That is the most important part.”